Who we are

The Valentine Club founder and designer Bianca Deaves began her journey in November 2019 after welcoming her daughter Ava Valentine into the world. Passionate about sustainable fashion and filled with a new kind of love for her baby girl, Bianca was inspired to channel her new-found bliss into a fashion line designed with real heart.

Here at The Valentine Club, we want to re-define romance and remind you how to love yourself more than anyone else. each piece has been carefully curated to bring you timeless silhouettes with ethical and decadent fabrics, and its all designed with love, here in Australia.

Ethically, loved.

The valentine club isn't just about loving yourself; we also take pride in loving the planet. We are a slow fashion brand. But what does that mean? Well, at its core it means that every step of our design-making process we make ethics as a priority. Each and every dress is ethically produced and ethically manufactured by producers that meet BSCI membership requirements.

We don’t work with questionable factories, dubious supply chains or on a rapid (and environmentally damaging) seasonal cycle. Instead we design dresses we love (for now and forever), work in tandem with talented seamstresses and continuously keep our carbon footprint in check.

We will endeavour to maintain and hopefully surpass our ethical responsibility, continuing to be an advocate for slow fashion and give the planet all the love it deserves.